Alanna, Beka, Okha, Shinkokami, Thayet, Alianne, Kel, Daine and Dovasary (click on their names for larger views).

Warriors, scholars, mages, performers, spies, rulers.

I started this project with the idea of using the Disney Princess aesthetic as an irony to highlight how awesome Tamora Pierce’s heroes are. Halfway through I realised I wasn’t exactly sure WHAT I was saying anymore. Disney’s great. Tamora Pierce is great.

Though obviously constrained somewhat by the Disney aesthetic, I tried to have the dresses also reflect their wearers character a little: for more details on my choices about age and costumes etc, see their individual posts.

As for the hordes of awesome Tortallverse women I HAVEN’T depicted, they’re going to have to wait for another time. Getting nine of these done was work enough. (P.S I love Emelan-verse just as much as Tortall-verse in case there’s any doubt).

Enjoy! it took me rather longer than I’d care to admit…